Mardale & Kentmere, Saturday & Sunday 4th - 5th February 2012

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No Snow Mardale Beck It's A Bit Parky! Haweswater
Mardale Beck Harter Fell Haweswater Haweswater
Riggindale Upwards Riggindale Rough Crag
It's Still A Bit Parky! Haweswater Rough Crag Looking Back
Speaking Crag Kidsty Pike Harter Fell Andy
Snow Heading Upwards Rough Crag Blea Water
Rough Crag Ridge Summit Snow Caspel Gate
Caspel Gate Caspel Gate Tarn Riggindale Crag Blizzard
Summit High Street Bugger! Small Water?
Kentmere Bed & Breakfast The Next Morning Crampons Ahoy
Blue Sky Ho Hum Low Lane Kentmere
Low Lane Kentmere Kentmere Snow Trekking
Hartrigg Farm Ill Bell Hartrigg Hartrigg
Snow And Sky Rainsborrow Crag Pit Stop Yellow Snow
Off Again Climbing Ill Bell Ridge Yoke
Ill Bell Fell Ponies Winter Sun Phil
Excuse Me, I'm A Little Horse Today Trot On Anybody Got A Saddle? Trot On ...
Kentmere Reservoir Nan Bield Drifting Nan Bield Pass
Summit Ascending Mardale Kentmere
Lunch Descending Small Water Small Water
Descending Frozen Small Water Nan Bield
Small Water Huzzah!    

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